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In today’s financial challenging times consumer’s very often present credit and debit cards which when used for repetitive payments plans often will go into a soft decline, The consumer often is unaware of the default.

Since 1992 the SKO team has provided contact resources to re-engage and extend life-value relationship with the customer. Our efforts often convert defaulted accounts into satisfied, paid in full, debtor who is ready to resume their relationship with you.

SKO’s revenue cycle management process has focused on providing the right resources, script and copy to promote customer retention, billing resolution and payment of high volume, small balance consumer receivables portfolios.

Depending on where the account is in its revenue life cycle, the approach often can outweigh the actual message. Our approach is engage, explain, and offer solutions to resolve the situation. SKO also can offer more traditional collections approaches where revenue capture is paramount in the campaign objectives verse the life-value relationship.

Our comprehensive suite of products and services that can be matched appropriately to promote and achieve your revenue cycle needs. Some of SKO’s resolution and recovery resources are:

First Party Consumer Care, Retention, Resolution and Pre-Collections

D2C Sales (DM, DRTV, Internet, Network Marketing, Membership, Auto-Ship)

  • Order Reacquisition
  • Customer Retention
  • Courtesy Resolution Effort
  • PCI Complainant


  • Early out courtesy contact  campaigns
  • Bad address Identification and corrections resources
  • Bad Debt Source Identification and Reductions Strategies
  • Insurance Recovery Campaigns – Unreimbursed / Under Reimbursement Claims Recovery
  • HIPPA Compliant

Consumer Third Party Resources

  • Contingency & Fixed Fee Recovery Campaigns
  • FDCPA AND FTCPA Complainant
  • Outsourcing / Cure Programs
  • Address Correction, Telephone Appends and Portfolio Credit Scoring
  • Early Out Programs
  • Customer Service
  • Multi-channel Touch Point Efforts
  • Settlement / Pre-Litigation Offer

All resolution resources are turn-key and can be run in tandem or as standalone module. Included with all campaigns are full back office support, cashiering and performance evaluation and reportage.

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